Repairs to Prioritize After an Auto Accident

Being involved in a car crash or collision can be stressful, devastating, and life-changing. When you’re aware of which repairs to prioritize after an auto accident, you can tackle what matters to you most as you work towards resuming a sense of normalcy in your everyday life. While recovering from an auto accident is not always easy or an overnight process, knowing which repairs to prioritize after an auto collision can help streamline the process of getting your life back on track, regardless of the extent of the accident you were involved in and the damage or injuries you’ve sustained.

Engine and Transmission

One of the most crucial repairs to prioritize after an auto accident involves your vehicle’s engine and transmission. The transmissions of vehicles, regardless of the make and model you’re driving, are essential components. If your vehicle’s engine or transmission is damaged during an accident, you may require a complete replacement, which can quickly cost thousands of dollars, depending on the extent of the damage and the type of car or truck you were driving at the time of the collision.

Even if you’ve worked on your own vehicles in the past, it’s best to take any car or truck with engine or transmission damage into a shop for a complete professional inspection. Inspecting an engine or transmission on your own can be challenging unless you’re certified and licensed to do so as a mechanic yourself. Working with a professional aunt body shop or mechanic near you can also help determine if it’s possible to salvage your car after an accident or if your vehicle has been totaled, and you’re better off replacing it with a new or used car or truck.

Exterior Damage

Stopping in at a local auto repair shop after an accident may also be necessary if your vehicle has sustained significant exterior damage that cannot be repaired on your own or with DIY methods. Exterior damage typically includes dents and dings, but may vary based on the material of your vehicle’s exterior and the make and model you own. In some instances, professional body mechanics will have access to a variety of commercial-grade tools and equipment that can assist with alleviating dents and dings that are visible to the naked eye on your car or truck.

Depending on the extent of the exterior damage done to your car or truck during an accident, there may be different solutions you’ll want to consider before you finalize a decision or make an investment. In some instances, it may be ideal for you to take the time to invest in a brand-new replacement door if any door on your car or truck has been significantly damaged or impacted by an accident or collision you were involved in. Other body parts of a vehicle may be more difficult to replace, which is why it’s ideal to stop in at an experienced body repair shop to learn more about your options and the cost of each before you settle on a decision that works for you.

Electrical Wiring and Safety Systems

One of the most important repairs you should prioritize after an auto collision or accident includes the inspection or even replacement of electrical wiring and safety systems currently installed in your car. The electrical wiring of your vehicle will indicate potential issues while also demonstrating warning lights if there is a safety risk you need to be aware of anytime you’re behind the wheel. After an accident, there’s an increased risk of damage to your electrical wiring, which can result in shorts, loss of power, or other issues that are likely to interfere with your ability to drive smoothly and safely with minimal disruptions.

If you own a newer vehicle, a hybrid, or an EV, you’ll also want to have your internal safety systems and configurations inspected and, in some cases, even repaired or replaced. Newer vehicles rely on additional wiring and more electronic components than older, outdated cars and trucks on the road. Anytime you’re in a serious collision or accident, it’s best to turn to the pros who specialize in working on electrical wiring and newer safety systems in the latest models of cars and trucks.

Brake System

After being in an accident of any kind, knowing what to prioritize after an auto collision is key to truly getting your life back on track while simultaneously repairing your car or truck. If you’ve been in a head-on collision or if your vehicle has taken significant damage, you may want to have your brakes and brake system completely inspected and, in some cases, even entirely repaired. Even if you’re experienced with shopping for traditional brake parts, it’s best to take your car or truck into an auto repair shop if you’ve been in a collision or accident of any kind.

Professional mechanics who understand the causes and effects of various problems with braking systems can also help determine if your brake system is failing due to the accident you were in or if it’s simply outdated or worn down. Your brakes should always be a top priority with any type of vehicle you drive, whether you’re driving personally or for work purposes. Anytime you believe there’s an issue with your car or truck’s braking system, it’s best not to take the chance. Seeing a trusted mechanic or brake shop near you can help determine the current condition of your brakes and the type of replacement solution that is best for your car or truck at the time, depending on the extent of your vehicle’s damage.

Heating and Cooling Components

When it comes to important auto body repair work you need to keep in mind after an accident, you’ll need to check on the heating and cooling components in your car or truck. Whether your vehicle requires local oil delivery, is a hybrid, uses standard gasoline, or is entirely electrical, maintaining the heating and cooling components of any car is imperative, especially if your vehicle has sustained damage after a collision. If you notice your vehicle’s heat or AC is no longer working properly after an accident, you’ll likely need to seek assistance from a mechanic who specializes in heating and cooling systems.

In some instances, it’s not always easy to determine the root cause of heating and cooling component failures. You might not notice that your heat or air conditioning is not working properly immediately, especially if you were involved in an accident during a season with mild weather and temperatures. Testing your heat and air conditioning thoroughly regardless of the time of year is always recommended after being in an accident to determine if your heating and cooling systems require further investigation and inspection.

Tire and Wheel Problems

From traditional alignments to extensive wheel repair services, your tires and wheels should always remain a top priority as a vehicle owner. Even if you’re not involved in an accident, alignments and tire replacement are often recommended at least once every year or two, depending on how frequently you drive and the climate you live in. Diagnosing tire and wheel problems is much easier to do with a professional by your side if you’re interested in testing pressure and finding replacement wheels or tires that are optimal for your car’s make or model.

Fluid Leakage

If you notice fluid leakage after a collision, you’ll likely require some form of automotive repairs to your car or truck, depending on the root cause of the leak itself. A mechanic can easily pinpoint if your fluid is leaking due to wear and tear, rusting, or damaged internal components and parts. When you’re unsure of what type of fluid is leaking from your car or truck, you’ll want to take your vehicle into the shop as quickly as possible.

Cost of Repairs After an Accident

Whether you require traditional tire services, engine replacement work, or new brakes, you’ll want to estimate the cost of repairs after an accident to help you better prepare ahead of time. While you’re learning how to prioritize after an auto accident, take the time to compare local mechanic shops and their advertised price ranges. This will help you determine where you should take your vehicle when the time comes.

Determine Insurance Coverage

You’ll also need to consider what type of auto insurance you have at the time of the accident you’re in. Calling your auto insurance provider or agent directly will help inform you of your coverage options and any reimbursement that may be required based on the damage your vehicle has sustained in the crash or collision. Working with your insurance agent directly before taking your car or truck into the shop can also help streamline the process, especially if you are in need of filing a claim.

Retain Legal Counsel

When you’re making a list of what to prioritize after an auto accident, you may also want to consider retaining legal counsel. Hiring accident attorneys and retaining a lawyer is always recommended if you’re thinking of filing a claim with your insurance company or if you plan to seek compensation for the damage and injuries you’ve sustained, or your vehicle has sustained. If you want to work with a lawyer, it’s best to do so by turning to a firm that specializes in representing clients who have recently been involved in an automobile accident or collision, regardless of who is found to be at fault.

Retaining the appropriate auto accident lawyers is a way for you to ensure you’re on the right track to obtaining the compensation you deserve. Your attorney can work as a mediator and liaison as you contact insurance companies and work with opposing legal counsel, which can provide you with peace of mind as you attempt to recover.

Finding the Right Auto Repair Shop

Finding the right auto repair shop is also one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make anytime your vehicle requires an inspection, new parts, brand-new components, or significant body work. Finding a reliable, trustworthy, and affordable auto repair shop is much easier to do if you know others in your city or town who have experience with auto repairs and know mechanics or auto body shop professionals personally. You can also compare different auto repair shops with the use of traditional business directories and online listings, depending on where you’re located and the providers available and accessible to you in your area.

While you’re conducting research on local auto repair shops near you, be sure to take the time to review the types of services that are provided to find a relevant professional or location that is suitable for your exact needs. You should also consider seeking a local repair shop that specializes in repairs on vehicles that have been involved in serious accidents and/or collisions. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also do so by browsing various testimonials and reviews of local repair shops and mechanics you’re thinking of turning to for the repairs you require.

Compare Shops Online

Comparing auto body repair shops online is always recommended, even if you consider yourself to be a car aficionado, and you have experience with working on vehicles in many different respects. When you research auto body mechanics and shops online, you can compare portfolios to find a provider who has experience with the type of body work or repairs you’re interested in for your own vehicle, regardless of its make and model. Finding verifiable testimonials and reviews can help you feel much more at ease anytime you’re ready to make an investment or commitment to the repair of your vehicle after an accident.

When you’re aware of which repairs to prioritize after an auto accident, you’ll know who you should get in contact with immediately once you’re physically and mentally capable of doing so on your own. Even if you’re not an expert when it comes to working on cars and conducting auto repairs, knowing how to prioritize after an auto accident can go a long way for you during your recovery, regardless of the seriousness of the crash or collision you were in. The more familiar you are with the process of recovery and prioritizing repairs after an accident, the easier it’ll be for you to focus on what matters most to you and your loved ones.

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