What Type of Clamp is Right for You?

High torque clamps are often used for a range of different uses. These are used to help hold parts together, stop air leaks, and ensure that the system works the way that it needs to work. There are a few different types of clamps that you can choose from.

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You need to determine what sort of application you are doing, whether the clamp is temporary or going to stay in place, and what size clamp you need.

You can get normal torque clamps, permanent clamps, spring clamps, and more. Just about any clamp can be used for just about any application that you might have. Your main focus is going to be ensuring that you have the right size and type of clamp for what you are doing.

You want clamps that are going to be strong enough to hold the hoses or other parts in a place where they need to be, that you are able to access them and remove them if they need to be removed, and so on. Taking the time to determine what you are doing, what you are using the clamp for, and if the clamp is permanent or not is a great place to start.


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