How to Fix a Golf Cart

With golf cart repairs and services, you can either take it on as a do-it-yourself improvement project or head to a professional to tune up your golf cart. If you have never worked on a vehicle before, you might find the do-it-yourself option daunting. As the video “Fixing a Golf Cart” shares, you don’t have to feel intimidated–you can fix your own golf cart with some basic knowledge and the right tools.

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First, you will want to evaluate and diagnose the problem. Check the cart for missing, loose, and damaged parts. In the case of this video, the golf cart had an issue with the starter motor. The clutch also became oddly noisy at certain speeds. A loose shift lever and some missing parts seemed to be responsible for some of these issues. Once they were repaired, the cart ran smoothly and quietly.

When you are fixing your golf cart, you will also want to do regular maintenance while repairing it, such as changing the oil. This way, the improvements you make will last longer. While fixing a golf cart can seem like a lot of work, little tweaks can make a big difference.

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